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The Captain(aka The Deep Sea Ninja)

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Operation: Tooth Fairy

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Psycho Hockey Vampire Pirate

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just a monkey and their music

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Angry Ghost

Blazing Billy Bazooka

The High Peaks Drifter

Shiny, Shiny

Devil Cat

Hebkid Ghost

Epic Battles

Caveman vs Astronaut

Bell Diver vs Hobo Clown

Sharks vs Jets

Unicorn vs Narwhal

General Ledger

Alien Invasion


Moon Babies From Mars

Ride The Lightning

The Last Outpost

Rings Of Saturn

Get Your Weird On

Soul Leash




Fire Eye And Priest

Decapitated Robot

Brain Drain



Saint Jack

Space Plane: Legends Of The Lead Sled

Contemplative Ghost

General Ledger



Voodoo King

Zombie High

For The Kids

A Friend In Need

Breakdancin' Panda

Chupacabra And Goat

Cotton Candy Unicorn

The Peanut Butter Solution

Geometric Gorilla

Beware The Tacodillo

Breakdancin' Malayan Tapir

Berserker Sloth

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