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Space Plane: Legends Of The Lead Sled

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Over the years, I have had many ideas for stories. Some of them more thought out than others. None of them, unfortunately, have come to full fruition. My expertise is not in writing, but I love movies, comics, and books, so I am always thinking of my next unfinished writing project.  Since I am a visual artist, I thought I would make posters or covers for some of these projects.

My first of these is Space Plane: Legends Of The Lead Sled. I have always loved space adventures. Especially good ones. Han Solo was always one of my favorite characters. I thought the idea of space pirates was more interesting than the story we actually got to see. Don't get me wrong, I love the original trilogy. Han Solo was just my favorite part. I also loved the Alien films. The idea that corporations ran space just like everything else appealed to me as a concept.

I also love drawing robots. It's challenging to think of an original design and still have it look good. So i had to put a robot in the art. I thought a robot pilot that wore old pilot gear was fun. The plane was more of a nod to the Millennium Falcon being a piece of junk that was modified to be fast. I also thought about Star Trek: First Contact. He made his spaceship himself to hit warp speed for the first time. I liked both of these concepts for the ship these characters would be flying in.

The characters and the ship itself would be legendary across the galaxy. Known for their talent to steal from the corporations and helping the little guy out of some tight spots. The plane would be rigged to fool security and scanning equipment.

One of my origin story ideas was that there was a young girl and her parents living off the grid on a small moon inside a corporate controlled system. Her mother was a pilot and her father was an engineer and mechanic. They had been helping people and smuggling supplies for years. When they finally got around to having a child, they were a bit older than a lot of parents. So as she grew older, they did too. Her father died when she was eighteen.

Before he died, he built a robot that held all of his and her mother's knowledge. So the robot could fly the ship and make modifications. She also had become a great pilot and knew her way around ships and weapons.

Her mother retired from flying and stayed on as mission control from their home. The daughter took up the mantle and headed out to make a difference.

The lead sled name I found in a list of old airplane nicknames and I liked it.

I know, it's a bit derivative. I'm not breaking any new ground here, but I thought it left it open to tell stories about her parents and or her adventures. It's just a jumping off point. I am of the opinion that most origin material should be for the author and not the audience. The characters would have to be developed and tales would have to be spun, but like I said, i never took it that far.

So here's the deal. I would love to hear some ideas based on this. You can take it any direction you want. Nothing overtly sexual, please. Be nice. Don't rip on other people's ideas. As for me, I am open to constructive criticism, but I won't tolerate shittiness. Who knows, maybe it will lead to a collaboration. Maybe it will just be fun. I will not use your ideas for personal gain without discussing a collaboration  with you. You can comment below or message me at You can also message me on Instagram Facebook, or Twitter

Thanks for showing interest. Please check out my other art as well right here.

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