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Space Plane: Legends Of The Lead Sled

Over the years, I have had many ideas for stories. Some of them more thought out than others. None of them, unfortunately, have come to full fruition. My expertise is not in writing, but I love movies, comics, and books, so I am always thinking of my next unfinished writing project

So here's the deal. I would love to hear some ideas based on this. You can take it any direction you want. Nothing overtly sexual, please. Be nice. Don't rip on other people's ideas. As for me, I am open to constructive criticism, but I won't tolerate shittiness. I want this to be a positive space. We all deal with enough negativity. Who knows, maybe it will lead to a collaboration. Maybe it will just be fun. You can comment below or message me at hebkidart.com. You can also message me on Instagram Facebook ,  or Twitter. 

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