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Hello there! I am back again. I am writing about stickers today. When I was a kid, I loved collecting stickers and putting them in sticker books. I still have a couple of my old sticker books to this day. I had every kind of sticker. Anything I could get my hands on. I had Batman and Garfield and fruit scratch and sniff stickers. Baseball teams, football teams, and Star Wars.

I was thinking, if we are going to be stuck at home for some time, why not make a new sticker book, using my designs.  Draw pictures, color them, then make a scene. Make an art project out of it. I would love to see them. So buy some stickers here.

You can also get some here

Then make your scene, post it on social media and tag it #hebkidstickers and tag me in the post. I will share them on my pages. I will choose a winner, and send you ten stickers of your choice from my designs. Try to be creative, because that will be the number one factor in how I choose the winner. If you are under 18, please get your parents' permission before buying anything from my website. I will choose a winner on June 1st, 2020.

You can post it on my Facebook page

I am @hebkid1 on Twitter

I am @hebkidart on Instagram

Thank you. I hope someone tries this. I think it could be fun.

As always, if you have requests, or you see a design that isn't on the product you want, please reach out. I can accommodate most requests. I am also available for commission at my discretion. It never hurts to ask. I will not, however, draw or paint copyrighted entities of any kind. Unless it is your copyrighted entity and you are giving me permission to do so. If you are chosen, I will need an address to ship the stickers to, and a way to contact you so you can give me your choices. Messaging on any social media platform will work.

In closing, I hope everyone is being smart, staying safe, and not stressing out too much.

Thank you

Jeff Hebenstreit